"Pop" on a skateboard refers to the explosive upward motion of the board when performing tricks such as ollies and kickflips. Here are a few tips to help increase your pop on a skateboard:

  1. Stance: Make sure you have the correct stance for the trick you are attempting. A narrower stance can help you generate more pop, while a wider stance can help you maintain balance.
  2. Foot placement: Proper foot placement is crucial for generating pop. Make sure your front foot is positioned near the middle of the board, while your back foot should be positioned just behind the tail.
  3. Timing: Timing is everything when it comes to generating pop. Make sure to jump at the right moment, which usually involves snapping your front foot down and pushing off with your back foot.
  4. Body position: Your body position can also affect your pop. Try to maintain a low center of gravity and keep your knees bent as you jump. This will help you generate more power and keep you stable.
  5. Flex: The flex of your deck can also affect your pop. A deck with a lot of flex will provide more spring and help you generate more pop, while a stiff deck will be less responsive.

Remember, pop is a combination of technique, timing, and equipment. Practice, patience, and persistence are key to improving your pop on a skateboard.

February 12, 2023 — Newport Skate