If you want your e-scooter to run for years, you need to know how to take care of it! Here are a few important tasks you should be mindful of.

Keep it charged

An electric scooter isn’t what it is without a battery. While it can still be used like a manual scooter with the batteries off, that will take away the variety of a hassle-free travel.

Electric scooter batteries are often lithium-ion. Unlike the lead-acid batteries of the past, these innovations are able to provide better functionality and longer-lasting power. However, batteries of this type also have a life cycle. So, to maximize the life of your battery, it is important to make sure you charge it to 100% every few days, or after every ride.

Store it somewhere safe

The general rule of thumb for e-scooter maintenance is to prevent as much damage as possible. One good way to start is storing it somewhere safe and secure.

When choosing where to keep an electric scooter, it is important to consider two things: sunlight and temperature. You would want to keep it somewhere it wouldn’t get hit by direct sunlight, and with stable temperatures. Keeping it somewhere too warm or too cold might damage the battery and cause other components to break down sooner.

Check tyre pressure before riding

This task goes the same for all kind of rides, electric or not. Proper tyre inflation will help you range the maximum range without putting too much pressure on the e-scooter’s motor. You can use a simple bike tyre gauge to do this.

Additionally, you should check your tyres for damage all the time. This will let you know if they would need replacement. They should also be kept at the right pressure to avoid too much wear on the inner tube.

Keep the components clean

Cleaning your electric scooter at least once a week is important not just to keep it neat to look at. It also saves your ride from damage caused by unattended dirt and other elements.

Remove any stubborn dirt, mud, and plants that could jam the wheels. You should also make sure that all joints and parts properly lubricated so that they won’t grind against each other.

December 28, 2021 — Newport Skate